Aero Engines

Manufacturing aerospace parts, especially for aero engines, requires outstanding technical excellence as well as high quality standards. JAT manufactures a large variety of precision aero-engine components.

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Aero Engine

Front Fan Case A cover of the front fan blade of an engine
Vane A stationary vane of the compressor section
Compressor Blade A rotating blade of the compressor section
Duct A cold air inlet for a combustor
Shroud Ring An outer wall of the air passage of a compressor

Part Detail

Front Fan Case Front Fan Case This component is used to cover the engine fan blades, mainly processed by CNC Vertical Turning Machines.

Vane is an aerofoil part for air-flow turning of a compressor.
Similar to a blade, manufacturing a vane requires high dimensional precision machining process.

Compressor BladeCompressor Blade This is a rotor blade of a compressor, located near to air intake of an engine.
High dimensional precision processing is critical for this part, because its dimensional characteristics have a large impact on engine performance.
Duct Duct

This is a cold air inlet component for a combustor, made from heat-resistant special alloys, which requires difficult process technology including press forming, laser cutting and welding.

Shroud Ring Shroud Ring A ring shaped component covering the outer wall of the air passage of a compressor.
A shroud ring is an important component made from light alloy, requiring high precision machining process.
Sub-Assembly Parts, Housing Sub-Assembly Parts, Housing

Many small parts like this are assembled to an engine combustor.
Each part must meet the highest quality standard required for an aero engine part.

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